Friday, April 26, 2013

NIIC is Awesome

So I do my best to peep the pages of new followers on Soundcloud. Whilst going about my biz, I ran across NIIC posts some pretty killer vocal tracks.
Told him to send me the one he was most proud of and I would fox wit it.
So here it is!
Poppy lyrics smashed against glitched up "I-Don't-Know-What-The-Fuck-to-Call-It" speed music. Its a little bit of hardcore, a little bit of drumstep, a little bit of breakcore.
IDK - its Foxcore.

This whole track was just thrown together. One of those things when fate throws you a bone and everything comes together.

There actually isn't a whole lot to this track. Three drum layers - three synths. Thats really the sort of thing I'm trying to do in the studio really. Complicating simplification if that makes any sense. The beats are all over the place. There are some spots where I don't even really think its danceable, but thats really the breakcore flavor for you. Just sit back and let it punch you in the face.

NIIC is here.


BTW - sorry for this weird highlighter thing...I have no idea why Blogger is doing this. I'm so confused.

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