Sunday, May 12, 2013

Peace Off LTD 25 - Stazma The Junglechrist

Sick release from the one and only Junglechrist! Stazma was one of the first names I heard getting wet into breakcore. Grade A hammer-smashin music. Please play loudly.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

DJ Snake - Bird Machine

So trap for me has been a hard sale. I can dig it when folks can get funky with some of those gliding leads.

Trap gets a bad wrap for being totally obnoxious, and I get it - Im not an avid fan, but there is a certain level of gangster-ness that fills your speakers and gives you that cheesy "fuck the rest of the world" humor - no matter how "sophisticated" your taste or skeptical your view.

Peep this shit yer...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Yeah. I know. Dubstep. You're too fucking cool for it.

 Shut the fuck up. This track goes hard.

Mutrix wins.

Alone Again

Chill jams! :)

Its been a long week of work in the stage-hand biz. Lots of time for reflection - lots of potential for the future - just remained disciplined.


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Allow me to put it bluntly. Gizmode is def one of my favorite producers right now. Ever since the "Snack on This" Album, I've been ferociously awaiting some new shit. Super excited to see this in my Soundcloud feed. Here it is everyone. Please get at this one. Its bangin.

Bounce Mix from DJ Bouncy

So mere moments after posting some dark breed breakcore, I get to posting this happy go-lucky shit.

DJ Bouncy lights up your emotions with this super peppy upbeat bounce mix! Get that Energy! Mad ups my dude.

Go get it! Have fun!

Big Release on PRSPCT

So PRSPCT blasted a wicked release in the last couple of days."Monolith : The Remixes" is available off of Tool Box.

This release sports the twisted distortions of Akira, Cooh, Lowroller and DJ Skullvomit - all productions reverberating their own unique darkness within the soundscape of the ever powerful, Bong-Ra.

Preview the tracks and order wax - HERE

Testing Some Infrastructure...Don't Mind This

Hey guys! Don't mind this post. I'm submitting an entry because I'm working on some infrastructure work with this here blog.

No songs today. Sorry. DX

Hit me up on Skype tho!

SKYPE ID : xxzimmxx

Friday, April 26, 2013

NIIC is Awesome

So I do my best to peep the pages of new followers on Soundcloud. Whilst going about my biz, I ran across NIIC posts some pretty killer vocal tracks.
Told him to send me the one he was most proud of and I would fox wit it.
So here it is!
Poppy lyrics smashed against glitched up "I-Don't-Know-What-The-Fuck-to-Call-It" speed music. Its a little bit of hardcore, a little bit of drumstep, a little bit of breakcore.
IDK - its Foxcore.

This whole track was just thrown together. One of those things when fate throws you a bone and everything comes together.

There actually isn't a whole lot to this track. Three drum layers - three synths. Thats really the sort of thing I'm trying to do in the studio really. Complicating simplification if that makes any sense. The beats are all over the place. There are some spots where I don't even really think its danceable, but thats really the breakcore flavor for you. Just sit back and let it punch you in the face.

NIIC is here.


BTW - sorry for this weird highlighter thing...I have no idea why Blogger is doing this. I'm so confused.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fuzzy Feeling Remaster

Ah, producing on a budget.

I imagine one day sitting in a room surrounded in Behringer Studio Monitors with a decent sub all locked away in a soundproof room in a free studio in a galaxy far far away.

Until then, I have these $50.00 AKGs.

So I got a little hasty and blew up a subwoofer...whatever. Shit happens all the time right?



Well I remastered this one...this time with those crazy end frequencies filtered out. The previous version was good for your earbuds but fuck playing it on a main system. Probably no audible differences in the sound for folks walking around with their IPod, but a big difference for the DJs that I fantasize about who actually play my tunes live.

Thanks to Deerob for putting up the Gee-tars.
Used some awesome back drum samples from Dirty Jewbs

DOWNLOAD HERE FREE - Those Fuzzy Feelings by Raverfox

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Howdy everyone!

Its been awhile since I've posted anything up. As you can see, I've given the blog a little bit of a facelift. I'm trying moreso everyday to get back into the swing of doing music more regularly. Shying a little ways away from throwing the parties - more so about making the music.

IDK - I got lots of opinions on the scene. If your in it you know how much folks talk, but thats not what this blog is about.

This is about my music god damnit and the shit I like hearing. Sorry to come off that way but there has been a lot of life changes recently. Ready to be an artist again.

For starters - here is a little slice of that energy I've found to get through! Hope it inspires you in whatever tremors you might feel in your own psyche. May you blow through them with maddening energy and shadowy confidence.


Name your Own Price DL from my Bandcamp Page!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

RAVERFOX RELEASE - Icicle Engineer - Ice Hart - [[ Raverfox Remix ]]

Probably my last Electro/Breaks/Bass Music submission for a while. After this, going back to making some breakcore. Don't have time to write much about this one coz I'm about to dip out to work. x_____x