Monday, October 29, 2012

RAVERFOX RELEASE - CLOSER - feat Xangaii // Original by FAST FOOT

This is a WIP for my submission to the Sick Slaughter House remix competition for Fast Foot! I AM LOOKING FOR VOICE TALENT TO DO SOME VOCALS FOR THIS ONE! For more info click dis ----> Unfortunately, I can't give out a free download, but hey...get a sneak preview. :3



Listen to my submission on Soundcloud (email me for secret MP3 download if you want to have an offline copy) and come up with a vocal segment to run from 4:42 (min:sec) to 5:38. Record your segment and email your vocal stem to me so that I can mix it into the track.

Once the final mixdown is complete, I will submit our collab to Sick Slaughterhouse to see if it gets approved!

You will be listed as a featured artist on the track.



Questions, comments, concerns -

Sunday, October 28, 2012

RAVERFOX RELEASE - Awakening - Halo 4 Remix Contest Submission

Well...I feel like a dork. I thought the submission date for the official Halo 4 Remix contest was on October 30th. Apparently thats not the case. So here is this thing for frizzle. Eeh...heheh. ^_______^;; <3 Destroy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So big freebie here!

Download this free album here.

So a bunch of producer folks I like made an album together. Rex Riot lives down the street.

Not is it awesome to see a bunch of artists making an EP for the fuck of it, but this album is fuckin' dope. Download it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

HAPPY BREAKDAY! - New Shit from Smackdown

Mad ups to everyone who made my birthday party an absolute smash! After everyone was blown away around 3AM, us villianous folks emerged from the basement to play fast-tunes.

Had a serious bawler time! I was expecting to have fun at my house for my birthday, yeah, but I wasn't expecting to rage out with my friends that hard. Had a wonderful creative vibe and we got to play with some new concepts while we vibed out into the late morning in my dojo.

Photo from Billy - Picture of my room at 5AM meditation.
Ch00ns brought to use live from a guitar amp & ableton
control board - Chris Renegade

Times to remember forever! Dying and then being reborn and such...

Some new tracks to commerate the fun! :)   

Shout outs to Aleister (Gh057), Eric (Crimespree), Liz, Chris Renegade, Hazel, Ricardo, Travis, Bobby, Loch, Twitch, Jess, Miranda, Medusa...all yall fuckers!

Friday, October 19, 2012


So this was supposed to be done on Monday, but I kept on running to some problems in my DAW... My process is that I take all the elements in my tracks and render out the channels then re-import them for mastering. Kept on doing this weird re-looping thing... Anyway, here it is - 110 music to expand your mind. Its a little too tiny in my mind...Probably needs a re-do, but I got other projects I need to work on. My official submission to Gh057's NETHERSOUND project! Hope you like!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

FICCI - Imagine You Because

So I think people are finally giving a shit about chill music. Caught this one off the feed. The Future Garage movement is a train I want to be on.

Take a listen to this soothing track by FICCI.

MIZCHIEF - Switchblade

I remember listening to Edit back in the day and calling his shit Glitch Hop.

EDM world is taking this style and giving it a healthy bassrape. Download MIZCHIEF's new track, Switchblade. I'm pretty sure you'll dig it.

Stabby, cutty, fuck you sort of sounds.


LOUDPVCK - Retro City Remix

Fresh shyte from! :)

Of course, I've been hearing plenty of that gangster shit. I've got the same attitude about trap music as I do about hardstyle...I'm super picky.

Here is a fresh trap banger from LOUDPVCK. This one is a pretty hypnotizing progression. Enjoy! :)

Click the pic for Free Download.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rekoil - Vile

So fellow Baltimorian Rekoil totally smashed a remix of Protohype's VILE.

Fucking get this shit.


So Seven Lions' released his self titled EP today on OWSLA. Homeboy did some WORK on this four track album.

The album takes several different attitudes and progresses through your creative conciousness. Its a great album to dance to, but also can be enjoyed in the headphones in a very medative mode. 

I particularly would like to point out the creative use of melody. Just like Coyote Kisses, Seven Lions balances bass drive with harmonic progression to create these awesomely huge soundscapes. Freakin' love it.

Please do yourself a favor and at least give this a listen if you dont care to buy the album.

Monday, October 15, 2012

SLUM DOGZ - Jungle Book

Its funny...I did a flyer for a show using this same pic clipped from Google Images.

SLUM DOGZ just did a PHAT remix of a clip from the Jungle Book. Great use of the sample from the movie. Probably my favorite tune in the movie.

Get the free download off Hulkshare!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Huge Release from ELONIOUS & GENERATION BASS - Future Free VOL.3

The third volume in this brilliant series by Elonious is now available for FREEE.
Featuring an array of talent alongside him, Elonious delivers only in a way that he can covering multi-genres in an exceptional way, Electro House, Future Garage, Kuduro, Moombahton, Dubstep, Drumstep and DnB.

I gave this a listen after hearing it pop up on Generation Bass!

I would jump on this one before you can't download anymore. This release is MASSIVE! :D


Happy Birthday Blog!

Yo yo yo! Greetings world!

I am Raverfox, and this is my first post on my blog! Never really thought of starting one of these, but I share alot of music so hey...maybe I can get some good networking out of this thing!


Be sure to peep my links.

I'll be pushing my own creations as well as some other worthy mentions that come across my radar. Keep the networks going.

Keep the creation comin.