Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fuzzy Feeling Remaster

Ah, producing on a budget.

I imagine one day sitting in a room surrounded in Behringer Studio Monitors with a decent sub all locked away in a soundproof room in a free studio in a galaxy far far away.

Until then, I have these $50.00 AKGs.

So I got a little hasty and blew up a subwoofer...whatever. Shit happens all the time right?



Well I remastered this one...this time with those crazy end frequencies filtered out. The previous version was good for your earbuds but fuck playing it on a main system. Probably no audible differences in the sound for folks walking around with their IPod, but a big difference for the DJs that I fantasize about who actually play my tunes live.

Thanks to Deerob for putting up the Gee-tars.
Used some awesome back drum samples from Dirty Jewbs

DOWNLOAD HERE FREE - Those Fuzzy Feelings by Raverfox

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