Sunday, October 21, 2012

HAPPY BREAKDAY! - New Shit from Smackdown

Mad ups to everyone who made my birthday party an absolute smash! After everyone was blown away around 3AM, us villianous folks emerged from the basement to play fast-tunes.

Had a serious bawler time! I was expecting to have fun at my house for my birthday, yeah, but I wasn't expecting to rage out with my friends that hard. Had a wonderful creative vibe and we got to play with some new concepts while we vibed out into the late morning in my dojo.

Photo from Billy - Picture of my room at 5AM meditation.
Ch00ns brought to use live from a guitar amp & ableton
control board - Chris Renegade

Times to remember forever! Dying and then being reborn and such...

Some new tracks to commerate the fun! :)   

Shout outs to Aleister (Gh057), Eric (Crimespree), Liz, Chris Renegade, Hazel, Ricardo, Travis, Bobby, Loch, Twitch, Jess, Miranda, Medusa...all yall fuckers!

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